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1.Q: How long the lifetime of your 2 handles and single lever ceramic cartridge faucets?
A: For natural standard water pressure (2kg---6kg) and water quality, the faucets can be used for 500,000 times.(open and close)

2. Q: How about is the surface processing of your faucets?
A: Generally, we process the surface of the faucets according to the client’s requests. In addition, the price of the faucets can be affected by the surface processing. And our standard is :Cr:0.15-0.25um: Ni:8um-10um: Cu:15um-20um, plating Cr can make the surface of the faucet looks more shining ; plating Ni can strengthen the ability to withstand cauterization; plating Cu can repair the disfigurement of the surface, and make the faucet more perfection.. The cost will be higher if the Ni is thicker.

3.Q: What is the process of the faucets production?
A: The process of the faucets production is below:
Firstly, we design the mould and then produce the mould according to the client’s request.
our process is that : A. produce the roughcast in the die-casting workshop.and the sand mould makes the
waterway in the roughcast.
  B. After inspection, the roughcast will be sent to processing workshop, and then be
processed according to the client’s request there.
  C. After processing and inspection, the products will be sent to the polishing workshop,
workers will nap the surface of the faucet, then be sent to plating factory.
  D. after plating, the products will be carried back to our factory ,then assembly,
water testing ,pressure testing.
  E. After making sure the faucet works well, it will be packed and sent to warehouse.

4.Q:How long is the production lead-time?
A: It’s about 30 days to 45 days, depending on what kinds of faucets you order.

5.Q: How about the scale of your factory?
A: There are about 200 employees in our factory, and production building covers an area of 16000M2 ,with more than 200 machines ,we can produce about 1,200,000 pieces faucets every year at the top production ability!

6. Q: How long is your product’s guarantee?
A: For most of the product, we offer 5-year’s guarantee to all business partners, wholesalers, and even end user from the delivery date of the product. For soap dispenser, we offer one-year guarantee.

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