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ESTABLISHED in 1993, Diablo, a front runner and major player in faucet manufacturing in China, focuses all its strength in the market of North American, a vibrant sanitary market requiring strict standard, high quality and professional dedication. With nearly two decades experience serving customers worldwide, Diablo has been witness a career of founding, growing, dilemma, rebirth and now, maturity.

WITHSTANDING the twins and turns of Asian Financial crisis in 1997, and nowdays, the world financial crisis, Diablo, hand in hand with its American and Canadian Partners, are still closely untied together, maintaining consistent cooperations and sharing mutual benefits.

STANDING against the test of time, Diabo faucets are CUPC certified, AB1953 approved, and are also comply with ADA and NSF/ANSI 61 standard. Diablo offers quality, stylish, fashional faucets and accessories at a competitive price to its partners, contractors, builders in North American. At the same time, Diablo is also an OEM for famous sanitary companies throughout United States, manufacturing faucets at Clients brands and specific requirements.

DIABLO’S unique marketing vision, creative design, strict quality control for every details, competive price and cherish for nature has made it into a complete success in North American market.

DIABLO, Every Drop Valued!

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